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Hello we're IU

We help people drive revolutionary change by delivering transformative work across marketing and innovation.

Although strategically minded, our real focus is helping you to make things happen, and to that end we have a multi-disciplinary team skilled across communications, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Who we work with

We usually work with two types of organisation.

CEOs, marketing directors and innovation leaders with a mission to revolutionise their companies to stay competitive, and who need an agency partner to help envision and deliver rapid change.

Those whose purpose is to create revolutionary change and who want an agency partner who gets their ambition and can help them realise it through great execution.

What we do

We combine rigorous thinking with rapid execution to help make change a reality. Whilst staying very discipline neutral, we have strengths across the following areas.


Changing how you connect with your customers

  • Proposition and campaign development
  • Making digital and social work harder for your business
  • Community building to create brand advocacy

Our team includes strategists, coders and content creators and we’ve created apps, websites and award winning social campaigns that have delivered real business growth.

See: ASOS, Vue, H&M


Creating new ways to grow your business

  • Fast new product development (NPD)
  • Creating new services to build consumer relationships and open up new revenue streams

We have innovation specialists across consumer goods and digital products, and through our investments in over 20 startups we’re at the sharp end of implementing lean and agile ways of getting new services tested, adapted and to market in short timeframes.

See: Vippy, Dare to Donate


Changing your business at its core

  • Becoming more entrepreneurial across your business
  • Partnering with startups and developing new ventures

We’ve started businesses, invested in businesses and created the most innovative corporate venturing unit in FMCG. We combine practical experience with the kind of high level commercial skills you won’t find in any other agency.

See: Distill Ventures