Discontinuous growth from idea to execution

The Problem

The world is changing faster than business can respond

The new age demands pace and agility. Corporates are failing to adapt fast enough to thrive in a changing world, while new players with more innovative business models, technology and cultures are disrupting value chains, removing the barriers to success that once protected businesses.

Legacy systems and legacy thinking are hindering business. Traditional corporations aren’t built for the new generation of talent.

What We Do

Discontinuous growth requires a revolutionary approach

We can be your partner to make innovation happen – whether that’s providing a vision, building strategy, or implementing change for your organisation. Revolutions start with internal momentum, and we’re skilled at provoking the hard questions and facilitating the right answers.

We were born as a network: a collection of independent people working to create revolutionary outcomes. Our solutions involve working fluidly with the best talent to achieve breakthrough results. Operating in an open innovation network means we have the relationships, commercial skills and experience to drive discontinuous growth for our clients. We make revolutions happen.

"The way I think of IU is that they were ‘born modern’ – they've always been entrepreneurs and invested their own money, they’ve got technology in their DNA, and the provocations they provide are game-changing."

"They fill a unique space – as an exec board member they not only provoked me into seeing the need for change, they brought me solutions which could be implemented immediately to get change actually happening."

Andy Fennel - former CMO, Diageo

Case Studies

Distill Ventures

The Challenge

How can Diageo ensure that they will always have the world’s best spirit brands in their portfolio?

Case Study

We re-invented their product innovation process by taking it outside of the company. By drawing on our investing and startup experience, we took the accelerator model from the tech space into drinks. Distill Ventures funds and assists the development and growth of the next great spirit brands, creating a pipeline of acquisition opportunities for Diageo to keep them ahead of the competition.

We Are

We Are

We invest off our own balance sheet 
 in revolutionary companies – our portfolio currently includes five large investments 
 and over a dozen seed investments.

We regularly give ourselves free income in favour 
 of back-end participation – backing our
 ideas with our own time.

All this helps us to bring an 
 uncommon amount of 
 commercial rigour to 
 all projects.

Built for Fluidity

We were born as a network as we always
 wanted to be able to work with the best 
 talent wherever they are and whoever 
 they work with.

We’re skilled at creating effective
 collaborations – within companies, 
 and between groups with very different
 cultures and ways-of-working. It’s
 why we’re one of the leading
 players in the corporate-startup
 partnership space.

Startups in Residence

Revolutionary By Design

A conventional structure can’t create
 unconventional change – so the way we 
 structure and operate IU is as revolutionary
 as the results we deliver.

We’re a company of co-owners with no
 job titles and no structured hierarchy. Instead we’re a diverse group who’ve nailed effective
 collaboration. We’ve put the creation of happiness at the heart of what 
 we do. We work smart and fast, 
 and we love what we do.

How We Do It

Revolution Opportunity

Identifying the winning opportunity for change in your business

  • Provocation sessions to pinpoint the right opportunity
  • Manifesto defining why change is necessary
  • Coalition building to bring senior leaders onboard

Blueprint Revolution

Designing your vision and plan for rapid success

  • Growth strategy and business case
  • Vision of success
  • Planning the steps needed to succeed

Make your revolution happen

Full support and hands on assistance to get your revolution started and keep momentum

  • Building essential partnerships
  • Agile design, development, prototyping
  • Launching new products, services and businesses